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Traditional Sport Court Resurfacing Repair: Step by Step

First, the court existing run-down court is pressure washed and cleaned to remove any dirt and debris so we can properly assess the court damage.









Next, we will fill and repair any cracks in the surface of the court.

A series of flexible tapes is applied to the cracks.

Coatings are applied to the tape and sanded smooth.










Third, multiple coats of acrylic surfacer are squeegeed down to level out the court.



Finally, the proper sport court lines are painted. If it is a multisport court, we use different colored lines to avoid any confusion when playing your game of choice.





A popular additional option would be to add some flare and personalization to the court by color coating it. The entire surface is repainted with 2 colors of the customer’s choosing. Logos or lettering can also easily be added providing a true one-of-a-kind design.







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