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Joe DeShayes familyDeShayes Courts is your best choice
to get the job done right

With a background in Landscape Architecture, I am able to help you chose the best location and orientation, as well as combine components and flooring to create a multi-use court in your backyard, allowing you to provide the safest and most diverse court available for your family so you’ll always know where your children are.

Coming from a family with 10 children, all of which were college athletes, has proven to be invaluable in designing courts. Being a high school and collegiate athlete; the amount of time required for one sport became tedious. That's when cross training came into play. It undoubtedly helped to keep my physical level up and added the diversity of other sports, for instance, basketball, volleyball, racket sports and roller hockey. I realized this type of multi-use court was the best solution to keep everyone active and interested.

The only problem was that, playing on a concrete and asphalt surface easily helped to developed shin splits and joint pain. That's where the polypropylene tile surface came into play. With the same deflection as a hardwood floor the added benefit is lateral forgiveness that will allow the floor to absorb 30 - 40% of the shock which is normally absorbed by joints and tendons. This reduces the potential for concussion, skeletal trauma, broken bones, and shin splints.

Specializing in designing and building tennis, basketball, and multi purpose courts with all types of surfaces; I have the ability to build completely pervious courts that actually absorb more water than the same area of natural turf. Designing and building over 100 courts, and recently receiving the national award for the Residential Tennis Court of the Year, given by the American Sports Builders Association and Racquet Sports Magazine, building you the best court to cater to your needs is my company’s top priority.

Recently, as a recognized industry expert and national award winning designer, I was asked by ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) to teach a course on the proper design, installation, and maintenance for all types of courts and artificial putting greens. To see some of our putting greens work, please visit www.puttinggreens.net or view some of our courts in the other sections of this site.

hope that this information helps to validate the quality of our work, and helps you to understand the benefits of having a DeShayes Court pertaining to you! As well as offering physical advantages, multi-use courts add a whole new social dimension. As a client once told me, "I don't have to drive my children all over the place anymore. I know exactly where they are, and all of their friends are at the same place: at my house, on our court."

- Joe DeShayes, President DeShayes Courts

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